Greetings! Have you ever wondered if a movie's worth blowing the money on to see at the theater or what to add next to your NetFlix queue? Then you've come to the right place! Enjoy!

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UPDATE 1/1/2014: I've eliminated the old #6 (see on friend's cable) because I think I've only used that once in four years. Also updated ticket price a buck.

UPDATE 5/6/2014: I've slightly modified #5 to include streaming.
Oh, fercryingoutloud! ANOTHER movie review blog?!? Another guy who thinks his opinion matters and wishes to inflict it on the overloaded Information Superhighway? (What ever happened to that buzzword? Haven't heard it in ages.) Why should we care?

A: Yes, yes, and why not?

The purpose of this blog is to allow me to get back into the habit of reviewing movies and DVDs like I used to back in what seems like another life a little while ago. They won't be 1000-2000 word chin-stroking epics, but that's not to rule those out. Mostly they'll be a few paragraphs about what I've been watching and whether they might be of interest to you. I'll probably toss up a commentary or two from time to time as well as my traditional liveblog of the Oscars.

Since movies are outrageously expensive and even an all-you-can eat service like Netflix and Amazon Prime can still cost you time (which is worth more than money because you can't make more of it), I will give movies a numerical score (wow! original!) and in the case of theatrical releases, at what time and price point you should see it. The latter recommendation is based on a 7 6-step scale:

1. Pay full price to see it at a theater. Pretty self-explanatory. You'll get $10 (ave. evening price in metropolitan Detroit) worth of entertainment from it.

2. Pay matinee price. The movie's good, but not top-dollar good (unless you're on a date, you whipped loser.)

3. Dollar show. Some movies are only worth a couple of bucks, but it's better to see them big, as intended, rather than on your little TV.

4. Rent the DVD/Blu-ray. If you can read this far, you should be catching on.

5. Wait for cable. Again, pretty clear. No need to get dressed and rush out for this one and who cares if the sides of the picture are frequently cut off? This also includes streaming services like Netflix & Amazon Prime.

6. Watch it on your friend's cable. Preferably while drinking or discussing other subjects or flipping channels.

6. NEVER SEE IT!!! People have lived full, productive lives without seeing Van Helsing, or as I call it, "Van Hellsuck." Be like them.

Higher scoring movies will naturally command higher price points, but not necessarily. Transformers 2 was only a fraction as good as (500) Days of Summer, but the former is worth a matinee on the big screen while the latter a definite DVD rental, or in this case, purchase.

See you in the dark!
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