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"24 S8.19" Recap – “Sudden Little Bitch Syndrome”

24 S8.19 – “Sudden Little Bitch Syndrome”

• Jack lands in Manhattan after eluding some fake CGI choppers. Jack slips into the crowd on the streets of L.A….wait, what? Chloe looks annoyeder.
• Junction Jack tell Prez Chumpy she’s gonna eat it unless she bags the peace deal. She reluctantly agrees…
• …and then goes up the elevator where PELB awaits to push her into having his pals at Blackwater disappear Starbitch and waterboard the intel out of her and keep her and the info under wraps. FAIL!
• Chumpy annoys Chloe with the order to transfer Starbitch.
• Jack buys a stack of cell phones and calls Chloe who doesn’t believe him. Huh?
• Jack then calls Vic Vega for guns and guns and some guns.
• Blackwater lackey D.B. arrives at CTU, but calls Mr. Dominic to suggest wasting Starbitch and gets the wait-and-see.
• Chloe does something to D.B.’s phone, but hands over Starbitch who is suddenly a lot less tough.
• Chloe calls Damp Boi and tells him to set up a sting on Jack. He questions it, but she’s apparently caught the same Sudden Little Bitch Syndrome that got Chumpy – is it an airborne contagion? – and is going with it. LAME!
• Jack gets to Vega’s place and picks up his metric ton of guns. Raspy voice showdown is a tie.
• LAMELAMELAME! Chloe is setting Jack up?!?! WTF?!?!?!? Jack has NEVER been wrong and now she’s punking out?!? FAIL!!!!! SLBS is a killer.
• Chumpy tells JJ that she’s running PELB’s playbook. JJ is disgusted at Chumpy’s bleating about the greater good. JJ tries to talk her in; she ain’t buying. So he quits. Yes!! Someone with integrity for a change.
• Widow Regis and Fajita have a tender moment.
• Jack is at the ambush site (unsafe house?) and manages to bitchslap Damp Boi’s entire squad. He knew Chloe was setting him up? How?!? Who can he trust if he can’t trust Chloe? We’d all trust Chloe!!!
• Jack spells it out for Damp Boi: join him on heroic rogue ops or go down for his association with Starbuckitch. Hmmm…
• JJ tells PELB he’s watching him. Woohoo. PELB is unrattled.
• Starbitch is about to become Starlittlebitch. Boohoo.
• Chumpy bloviates about peace and blah-blah-woof-woof. JJ slinks out while Starlittlebitch gets wet. Widow Regis looks hot in black.

Thoughts: Other than Junction Jack’s speech to Chumpy calling her on losing her way in trying to get one thing good out of her tragic service as Prez, the writing tag team of Braga and Coto rely on SLBS to spread pseudo-motivation for characters acting more and more out of character. Other than JJ and Jack, is there anyone left who isn’t severely to hopelessly compromised? Yeesh.

Hardcores: Jack, Junction Jack.

Little Bitches: Chloe, Prez Chumpy, Starlittlebitch, consistency of characters.

Up Next: Everyone wants Jack out of the way and Star…whatever gets a gun.

Episode Score: 6/10

JBBC: Still 19.


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