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Happy New Years! (and a Resolution)

New Year's Day is a traditional day to put the previous year behind us and to look forward with a clean sheet of paper to scribble our futures upon. But to move forward, you must be able to look back with clarity as to how the last year went down. Frankly, it was a bad year for DirkFlix and it's all my fault.

2012 was the third full year of operation and if you look at the post count at right, it was the least active year by far; a third of what 2010 was. Have I been watching fewer movies? No, I just haven't been getting the reviews written and posted and considering my intentions for this site - to post up short, pithy reviews instead of the thousand-word behemoths I used to when writing for major sites - this was pathetic and inexcusable.

According to my rough count, I watched 88 movies, but only got 39 reviews posted. That's less than half and some movies I watched both theatrically AND on home video, not writing about either. I kept intending to go back and clear the backlog, but when you're looking at 24 drafts dating back three months and are having a rough time remember exactly what you'd meant to say immediately after seeing it.

So what happened? In brief, I wasted time banging my head against the walls of others' rigidly held ignorance instead of taking care of my business. I know that people choose liberal political beliefs precisely because they're immune to reason and opposed to reality, but it just doesn't seem right to just let them live in a fog of lies and allow them to poison others. Just because you can't save everyone doesn't mean you shouldn't try to save some, right? Noble intentions/damn fool idealistic crusades aside, the time spent on that was time not spent here and that's going to change in 2013.

A site like this is only as good as the quality AND quantity of content, so it's time to get back on the stick. I appreciate your continued support and readership - make sure to click on the RSS Subscribe link to not miss a thing - but realize that it's hard for you to read what's not written.

See ya at the movies!


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