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March 2013 Review Roundup

A really light month as most of my spare time was spent playing the terrific Tomb Raider reboot/retcon on PC (too bad nVidia got fixed drivers out a week after I'd beaten the game) and I watched Torchwood: Children of Earth to see what all the acclaim was about. Sadly, I haven't been to a movie theater in almost five months other than The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey around Christmas.

March 10 - John Dies At The End (5/10)
March 23 - Killer Joe (2/10)
March 30 - Red Dawn (2012) (5/10)

Most Enjoyed: John Dies At The End
Least Enjoyed: Killer Joe

Month's Movies Watched: 3
Previously Unseen: 3
Theatrical: 0
Home: 3
Year-To-Date: 17
YTD First-Timers: 17
YTD Theatrical: 0
YTD Home: 17


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