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"Chai Lai Angels: Dangerous Flowers" Review

This is why I bought this DVD:

If it's got hot Asian babes with guns on the cover, I'm in. When I prowl the basement video shops of Chinatown, anything that promises armed babe trashy violence is an automatic pickup and when I saw this on the shelf of a closing Hollywood Video, it was go time.

Now, I'm not expecting Little Women from my exploitation flicks, but Chai Lai Angels: Dangerous Flowers managed to make me turn it off just shy of the half-hour mark. While some of the girls are cute, the plot (as best as I can discern) was incomprehensible, the action haphazardly and amateurishly shot, and the English dub howlingly bad. It's so shabbily done that it falls over from "so bad it's amusing" to "it's so bad it's a waste of time" in record time.

Thailand's film industry isn't anywhere as refined as Hong Kong's or Japan's, but they can occasionally kick out something weird and fun like Sars Wars: Bangkok Zombie Crisis. Check that one out.

Score: INCOMPLETE. Skip it.

I may try to slog thru the rest of his sometime; it's not a priority.


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