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May 2010 Review Roundup

Things started to pick up as the TV shows ended and more movie-watching time was available and I was able to finally match January's total of 11 films. On the down side, there were two flicks so bad that I turned them off; they don't count in the view count. A nasty throat infection on Memorial Day weekend allowed me to knock off four movies from the massive backlog pile - too bad only one of them was very good.

May 3 - Chloe (4/10)
May 5 - Iron Man (8.5/10); Toy Story 2 (10/10)
May 7 - Iron Man 2 (8/10)
May 10 - Chai Lai Angels: Dangerous Flowers (INC); The Losers (4/10)
May 12 - High Society (7/10)
May 17 - The Tournament (8.5/10)
May 18 - I Really Hate My Job (INC)
May 28 - The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (7/10)
May 30 - Across The Universe (4/10)
May 31 - An American Carol (4/10); Hamlet 2 (2/10)

Month's Movies Watched: 11
Previously Unseen: 9
Theatrical: 1
Home: 10
Year-To-Date: 43
YTD First-Timers: 39
YTD Theatrical: 10
YTD Home: 33


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