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"Shutter Island" Review

"Why?" That was my reaction to Shutter Island. Why did Martin Scorsese make this movie? Why was it possible to figure out what the ending would be about a half-hour in? Why did so many critics shower praise on it when if any other director's name was on it they would've panned it? Oh, I just answered my own question, didn't I?

Set in 1954, it stars Scorsese's new DeNiro muse, Leonardo DiCaprio, as a U.S. Marshall who travels to a desolate island where a maximum security mental hospital has had a patient mysteriously disappear. As he investigates, he is tormented by blinding migraines and nightmares of his dead wife and his WWII memories of liberating Dachau. As they pile up, we start wondering if he's going crazy and that's when you realize where this is all going to end up and it does without fail, taking over two hours to get to the unshocking conclusion.

While it's stylish, moody, and well-acted, Shutter Island is a long, meaningless slog that trades on the goodwill towards the Scorsese legacy. He's done trifles before - most notably After Hours - but his first foray into horror is a snorer.

Score: 3/10. Catch it on cable.


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