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"24 S8.3-4" Recap – “Boom Boom, Out Go The Lights”

Welcome to the DirkFlix 24 Recaps. A few notes for newcomers to these:

• I don’t rehash the plots; I provide running comments as the show goes on. Unless you’ve seen the episode, you won’t know what I’m referring to. Come read these AFTER viewing the episodes.
• I frequently nickname characters based on previous roles the actors have played, their names, or character traits. (e.g. Bob Gunton played Junction Jack on Greg the Bunny.)
• Most characters fall into one of two categories: Hardcores and Little Bitches. Hardcore characters exhibit badass behavior; Little Bitches are weak victims.
• Jack’s death toll is tallied with the Jack Bauer Body Count (JBBC).

Buckle up! Here we go!

24 S8.3-4 – “Boom Boom, Out Go The Lights”

• You’d think that a cop would be smart enough to realize that after helping the guy who was holding them hostage it’s highly unlikely that he’d be left alive to squeal, all promises aside.
• They need to decrypt the files on the big screen.
• Nice staredown between Jack and the ballers. C-note for info.
• New York’s finest are going to think that Jack’s a cop killer when he didn’t cap the cop outside whom he had the drop on?
• WTF is this plot with Starbuck and her hick boyfriend? Nevermind that this seems to have happened in a prior season, if she has such a dark secret past that this clown can blackmail her, how did she get employed at CTU? Why doesn’t she just tell him to bugger off? Starbuck ain’t no abused Lifetime character!
• Bullethead cop is beating up Jack without bother to ask why he did it. Stupid.
• Bubba gets Blonde Ambition to admit the affair, but no one believes her.
• Regis cops to the affair, pissing off Schwartzman, but Bubba won’t send someone to look for Jack, making Chloe scowl. (More than usual, that is.)
• Bullethead discovers that handcuffing Jack to a chair is useless against him beating his ass. Let’s hear it for the rookie.
• Wondering about that faint scar on Starbuck’s throat? Apparently Katee Sackhoff had thyroid cancer last year and that’s from the surgery.
• The file’s decrypted and everyone thinks the UN is gonna get bombed – would that really be so bad? – but it’s just a scheme to get people out onto the street where the real manhole cover bomb is.
• Jack’s story checks out (duh) and the rookie takes him to the UN. Damp Boy tries to save the day and gets blowed up a little. Starbuck is unhappy.
• As the plot unravels, Schwartzman plays it cool by stabbing a CTU red shirt in the neck with a pen and calling the captain from Das Boot.
• Jack saves Damp Boy’s bacon by shooting the hitter who turns out to be Russian mob (I saw Eastern Promises). Between blocking the bomb and alerting CTU the hitter was with him, Damp Boy earns Hardcore status.
• Bubba acknowledges that Jack and Chloe saved his butt. Chloe smirks.
• Agent Red from S7 was an undercover agent with the Ruskies - oooooh, that’s gonna be awkward with Jack hanging around.
• Das Boot’s own son is dying of radiation poisoning and that’s proof of nuke fuel for Schwartzman. Harsh.
• Yikes. Red looks rough. Being suicidal and in the darkness does that to you. Jack’s still concerned for her and thinks her going back undercover with the Ruskie mob is a bad idea.
• Regis kicks his chippie to the curb. Wah.
• Jack horns in on Red’s assignment because he thinks she’s too fragile to handle the gig.
• Oh, fercryingoutloud!!! WTF is Starbuck being menaced by Buford over the phone?!? It doesn’t even matter what their past was, every step of the way she could’ve hung up on him. How freaking lame is this?
• YIKES!!! Red goes Jigsaw on her contact, chopping off his thumb to get a tracking bracelet off. HARDCORE!

Things are starting to speed up as the real plot behind the plot is revealed. (Don’t worry, there will probably be another few REAL real plots to come.) I don’t really care about Regis and Prez Cherry’s peace talks and the Lifetime Starbuck thread is pure annoying crap. Agent Red being as nuts as Jack is gold, though.

Up Next: Lifetime Starbuck sneaks out to be beaten up; Red meets the Reds; Jack says “DAMMIT!” some more.

Hardcores: Jack, Agent Red, Damp Boy, Das Boot (Father of the Year).

Little Bitches: Starbuck, red shirt cops and agents, Schwartzman.

Episodes Score: 7/10

JBBC: Steady at 2.


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