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"24 S8.17" Recap – “No Time For Love, Dr. Jack.”

24 S8.17 – “No Time For Love, Dr. Jack.”

• Jack is emo over Regis’ death. Why? He gave himself up. Jack should be yelling at the body, ”I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THIS!!! DAMMIT!!!!”
• Who is this ambulance guy conveniently there to kill Dante? Hmmm, Red knows him. Ruskie?
• Jack hands the operation over to Damp Boi. Well, that’s gonna work out, based on prior performance.
• Ivan moves in and talks to Kreplochistan’s delegate, Ben Gazarra.
• EMT calls Ivan. So we’re back to Russians as the baddies? He remembers Red.
• Ben suggests that Mrs. Regis take over the throne. Her husband just died 20 minutes ago, so why does she look hotter than ever?
• Bubba gets the sack and Chloe gets to run CTU?!? That should lead to some uncomfortable motivational speeches.
• Jack and Red arrive at Chez Jack and she lets her hair down – wow, she’s less severe-looking this way – and Jack move to get his jack on. Hey! No time for love, Dr. Jones!
• No kidding. Some anonymous Hebrew gets shived by the EMT and he’s got a scope out for Jack and Red who already humping like Skinemax characters.
• Wait…EMT follows them to his building and he is able to find the appropriate apartment in a building across the street with a view of Jack’s open windows from which to snipe them? In about five minutes?!?
• Ivan doesn’t like the idea of letting Mrs. Regis step him. Bad bear!! BAD!!!
• Junction Jack has a suggestion for Prez Cheery to get the Ruskies back: President Evil Little Bitch (PELB) who apparently has been aware all along what’s going in. Bad PELB! BAD!!!
• Bubba says goodbye – victim of the writers Starbuck dumbness.
• Dante croaks, annoying Chloe very much. ”Find out why he died! I’ll be in Bubba's, er, my office hanging up my ‘Hang in there, baby’ kitty poster.”
• Fajita is upset that Mrs. R plans on taking over.
• Prez Cherry meets with PELB and his aide de camp Mr. Dominic (from Dollhouse).
• PELB shows why he has been El Grande Weasel of 24 all these years. He’s got something up his sleeve, but Cherry’s so desperate, she’s got to let him in to do his thing. Everyone’s gonna regret it, aren’t they?
• After a half hour of straight Jacking, it’s frosty beverage time. Jeez, all those bandages didn’t come undone?
• Uh-oh, Chloe’s calls Red and Red needs to take the phone out to Jack and you guessed it. Pew! Pew! Pew!
• Jack carries her down 15 flights of stairs and gets her to the hospital in about 3 minutes.
• Is anyone surprised and/or shocked that Red didn’t make it? Really? Silent clock out for the 2nd week in a row

Thoughts: OK, this was a transitional episode as new villains – both Russian and PELB – are moved onto the board and what little shred of happiness Jack can eke out of this life is snatched away. After the way all his prior relationships have ended, you’d think by now that Jack would be telling prospective liaisons, ”You’re really pretty and I like you a lot, but in all likelihood you’re gonna end up killed by an ex-girlfriend, tortured and brainwashed by Chinese, or picked off by a sniper who you know always got the giant stuffed gorilla at the carnival, so perhaps you should just mosey along.” I hope this leads to Jack killing everyone real hard.

Hardcores: Chloe.

Little Bitches: Agent Red (RIP), Jack’s heart.

Up Next: PELB shens and Jack attacks.

Episode Score: 8/10

JBBC: Unless you want to count Red against him, holding at 19.


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