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June 2010 Review Roundup

Despite racing out to a very fast start in the first couple of weeks, travel and aftermath ate the second half of the month, necessitating some rather abbreviated reviews this time. (Josie is getting a major piece, so that's forthcoming.)

June 5 - Splice (8/10); Get Him To The Greek (4/10)
June 6 - Ninja Assassin (7/10)
June 12 - Josie and the Pussycats (9/10); The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus (4/10); Boogie Woogie (2/10)
June 13 - The A-Team (8/10)
June 14(?) - Youth In Revolt (4/10?)*

Month's Movies Watched: 8
Previously Unseen: 7
Theatrical: 3
Home: 5
Year-To-Date: 51
YTD First-Timers: 46
YTD Theatrical: 13
YTD Home: 38

* I discovered in August that I'd never reviewed or logged watching this, so the date and score are guessimates.


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