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January 2013 Review Roundup

Haven't posted one of these since forever because of my falloff of actually writing review (hard to roundup nothing), so here we finally go. Didn't make it to the theaters at all this month because we stayed home and watched a lot of screeners of the Oscar nominated movies.

I'm adding new categories to the the roundups - Most/Least Enjoyed - because with many films sharing the same score, but for different qualitative reasons (which is why you should go read the words and not just look at the numbers), it's not true to say that Film A with an 8/10 is "better" than Film B (6/10) as far as "Which would I want to watch again?" goes. We've all seen movies that we've thought were really good but wouldn't care if we never saw again; these are the movies I'd re-watch first or last.

Jan. 1 - Hugo (4/10)
Jan. 6 - Flight (6/10)
Jan. 7 - Arbitrage (6/10)
Jan. 15 - Beasts of the Southern Wild (3/10)
Jan. 20 - Silver Linings Playbook (7/10)
Jan. 22 - Zero Dark Thirty (7/10)
Jan. 23 - Dredd (6/10)
Jan. 27 - Seven Psychopaths (6/10)

Most Enjoyed: Silver Linings Playbook
Least Enjoyed: Beasts of the Southern Wild

Month's Movies Watched: 8
Previously Unseen: 8
Theatrical: 0
Home: 8
Year-To-Date: 8
YTD First-Timers: 8
YTD Theatrical: 0
YTD Home: 8


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