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June 2013 Review Roundup

A mid-month trip and other stuff lead to a light month of movie-watching.

June 4 - Resident Evil: Retribution (3/10); The Boondock Saints (4/10)
June 5 - The Heat (7.5/10)
June 10 - Overnight (6/10); Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer (8/10)
June 17 - This Is The End (7/10)
June 18 - Man of Steel (7/10)

Most Enjoyed: The Heat
Least Enjoyed: Resident Evil: Retribution

Month's Movies Watched: 7
Previously Unseen: 7
Theatrical: 3
Home: 4
Year-To-Date: 37
YTD First-Timers: 33
YTD Theatrical: 10
YTD Home: 27


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