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"Let Me In" Blu-ray Review

In checking for previous reviews here for this film, I discovered my original theatrical review, seen exactly 10 years and two weeks ago was finished, but never posted. Now it's up and you can read my thoughts which have not changed in the intervening decade, although my score then was higher (8.5 vs. 7). 

I still don't care for the obvious CGI used for Moretz's vampire scenes, but I've read subsequently that director Matthew Reeves - who went on to direct the superior Planet of the Apes reboot sequels and is currently making The Batman - deliberately when for that artificial look to

On the technical side of this Blu-ray, the shallow-focus, monochromatic-scheme cinematography makes for a soft and stylized image that's representative of the film's intent, but not anything you'd show off your home theater with. In a couple of scenes, the murkiness looked blotchy, but those moments are fleeting. On the audio front, the Dolby TrueHD 5.1 audio track is clear and has a wide dynamic range which could startle your pets if you turn it up to better hear the quiet dialog and then one of the several BOOM audio moments occur.

 There's a commentary and good smattering of making-of featurettes. I recall looking at those back when this hit video, but never reviewed because I hadn't watched the movie. They were decent, IIRC.

Let Me In is a good, quiet, excellently-acted horror film. It's just a bit less substantive on second viewing.

Score: 7/10. Rent it.


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