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The 2010 Oscars Livesnark Post

* A lot of bad makeup on the ladies. Sandra Bullock has this clownish pink lipstick; Secretariat Jessica Parker has a drugstore spray tan; a lot of humidity-frizzed hair.

* Interesting floor layout.

* Cute opening number from Dr. Horrible.

* Steve Martin about Meryl Streep, "Can that woman act and what's up with all the Hitler memorabilia?"

* Good opener with Steve and Alec. A-

* I like the color of Penelope Cruz's dress, but not the style.

* I like how they're showing a montage of clips from the nominated performances instead of one snip. Very cool. Hope they keep this for future shows.

* Cristophe Waltz wins and gives an odd speech, but beats the timer.

* Pixar wins for Best Animated Feature. Well, I'm out of the Oscar pool. Never saw this coming.

* Miley looks like she forgot to put her top on.

* "Hi, I'm Chris Pine. I was in the big sci-fi hit that wasn't nominated to introduce one that did."

* Is Robert Downey Jr. wearing sneakers? Funny routine with Tina Fey.

* Molly Ringwald looks weird. What's with those bangles? Good John Hughes tribute. I was thinking it'd be cool to get some other cast members out there and they did it. I think it'd be cool if they had a bunch of ninja babes come out for a pillow fight.

* Carie Education's earrings are atrocious. Both hers and Zoe Saldana's dresses are terrible. Are all the gay men in Hollywood on strike?

* I look at the Logorama clip and wonder how they cleared the usage of all of those. Funny acceptance speech.

* What the hell was that woman cutting off the Music by Prudence acceptance speech about? I thought someone just crashed the stage. Rude and stupid.

* Well, that whole segment was a momentum killer.

* Ben Stiller's bit straddled the link between clever and stupid a little too shakily.

* I have no fraking idea why A Serious Man is here other than the Coens are the current holders of the totem which grants automatic nomination to anything they make regardless of quality. (Previous holder: Woody Allen.) I turned this thing off after 20 minutes and there wasn't a frame of the nom montage than makes me think I was hasty in my decision.

* Precious' Best Adapted Screenplay award was a surprise, wasn't it? But what's the deal with writers sucking at their speeches? Great save by Steve Martin.

* Mo'nique wins for Precious, thus wrecking my Oscar pool even more. Nice dress and flower in her hair.

* The only one of the Best Pics I haven't seen yet - other than A Serious Man, which I shut off - is An Education which I got about a half-hour into before I had to do something else. I want to get back to it.

* Gawd, Suzy Amis looks bad; too skinny. Is Cameron draining her life force or something.

* "Clothes whores." Heh.

* They should really more of the costume nominees. Classy, funny speech. Nice dress. What was her name again?

* WTF is Charlize Theron wearing?

* Funny Paranormal Activity spoof.

* What's with the stairs that the women are needing a spotter to get down them?

* Hurt Locker wins Sound Editing and Mixing - an omen for Best Picture? Looks that way.

* Bullock's dress is great, but her hair and makeup are lame.

* Avatar wins Cinematography; odd considering there was so little actual filming with real cameras of real things.

* What's with all the dresses having bandage tops and Muppet-like froo-froo bottoms?

* The People Who Died Roll Call: Karl Malden wins the clap-off.

* The don't have time to do even bits of the Best Song nominees, but they can do a huge dance number for Score? Poppin' and lockin' for the Hurt Locker? Yeesh.

* Question: What was Mo'Nique referring to when she said "it's the performance, not the politics"? Something happen?

* Michael Giacchino is the new John Williams. Very versatile.

* Jeez, Suzy Amis looks like Clint Eastwood. Meanwhile, right in front of her and Cameron is the ex-Mrs. JC, the damn hawt Kathryn Bigelow. She's 58? Hubba-hubba.

* Stop and ponder this: Academy Award winner Fisher Stevens. (Yeah, me too.)

* Hurt Locker wins Editing. More mo? Looks so.

* Couldn't Tarantino find a jacket that fit?

* Aw, crap; they've brought back last year's terrible "tribute" presentation of the acting nominees. Just awful. SHOW CLIPS and blow less smoke up their arses, please. Ugh. I guess Sam Rockwell is lucky to not have endure this.

* Jeff Bridges started off good, then wandered off into Dude-ville and not in a good way. Good for him to finally get some bling.

* What was Sean Penn babbling about? Must be quite a struggle to keep his Tourette's in check.

* Bullock picked up her Razzie last night in person and now has an Oscar. Busy weekend! Super-classy speech and funny. They love her in this town.

* Babs comes out to marginalize the black and female director nominees as tokens. Jason Reitman looks like Dave Grohl.

* Bigelow is better looking than some of the movie stars here tonight.

* The little movie about bomb disposal wins over the Biggest Movie of All-Time, thus continuing the Oscars need to punish the films that keep the lights on in favor of little flicks that scratch their artiste itch.

* Watching Mo'Nique kill in the backstage press conference on E! now. Very funny and pays tribute to Hattie McDaniel. She's taken over the order of questions.

Overall, a decent show, but not very exciting other than watching Avatar lose technical awards you'd think would be a lock. Steve and Alec were funny, but underused. Hurt Locker was OK, but too sloppy in its accuracy and lacked an arc. If I had a ballot, I would've voted for District 9 for Best Picture because it had the most things right that even Avatar and Hurt Locker didn't. Of course, this is because (500) Days of Summer didn't get squat. Screw the Academy.


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