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"The Crazies" Review

People in a rural Iowa town - as opposed to a bustling Iowa metropolis - are going crazy and Sheriff Timothy Oliphant and his doctor wife Radha Mitchell try to find out why and then run for their lives from the crazies and the military sent to contain them in The Crazies, a remake of a forgotten Seventies George A. Romero film.

Too many logical gaps undercut the tension - the government has satellite tracking of people on foot but can't find their lost plane filled with McGuffanium; after they exterminate a mass of refugees, how did a couple of crazies get left standing around? - and the conclusion simply couldn't happen in modern times without anyone knowing about it.

As lame as The Crazies is (are?), it's not so much a bad movie as one that never really gets into gear with any momentum or genuine shocks. Too bad.

Score: 3/10. Catch it on cable.


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