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"I Really Hate My Job" DVD Review

Neve Campbell has weird nipples. Even if you were a die-hard Party of Five or Scream fan, you will probably not be able to masturbate to what she shows off in the execrable I Really Hate My Job, the third movie this year that I simply couldn't bring myself suffer through to the end credits. I'd seen them on the Internet (so you can go find them yourselves if you must see what I'm talking about), but I was actually curious as to why she was naked in a restaurant. I should've stayed curious.

For the 15 minutes before I gave up, I was treated to a pack of unlikeable simpy women who work in a small London restaurant. There's the dour, unattractive wannabe novelist who is pressed into cooking duty; a couple of twitty cute girls; an older women who looks like she wishes she was in Havana before Castro and Che ruined it; and Neve, the American actress wannabe who is turning 30 today. That Neve was shaping up as the most interesting of the lot had nothing to do with the promise of skin later, but because everyone else was so vapid.

While fast-forwarding looking for the nudity - it starts at 1:14:31 if you can find a way to tune in during a cable showing; you're welcome - it appears that there are lots of scenes of angst-filled conversation interspersed with rats-eye (I mean this literally) views of the kitchen. It looks dreadful and that's before you get to Neve's boner-killing monologue.

Score: Incomplete - DNF. Skip it.

The DVD's transfer is mediocre with substantial compression artifacts and the audio is so low that I had to really crank it up to hear the whispered, accented dialog; hampered by the lack of English subtitles (only Spanish is available) to flip on. With louder than normal menu audio, when you stop the movie, you'll be blown out of your chair if you don't dial down first. But why would you buy/rent this in the first place? Go watch Wild Things again.


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