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"Hamlet 2" DVD Review

Shakespeare said that brevity is the soul of wit, so I'm gonna keep this short: Hamlet 2 blows.

For starters, Steve Coogan is like Ricky Gervais for me - an English guy that a whole lot of people seem convinced is a comic genius, but his inability to make me laugh makes me wonder if others are grading on a curve. There were several times I wanted to turn the movie off, but it kept threatening to possibly develop into something less-than-sucky; it never did.

It's not a total loss if you're held captive by the Taliban and forced to watch this as torture. Catherine Keener is tart as Coogan's wife and has a great scene involving a margarita glass large enough for Michael Phelps to do laps in. Phoebe Strole is a fresh face that needs to work more. The most original idea in the whole movie is Elisabeth Shue playing a version of herself who's quit acting and is now working as a nurse in Tuscon. It doesn't really amount to much, but she's a trooper and looks cougarlicious.

Score: 2/10. Skip it unless the Taliban is forcing you to watch it.


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