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"Iron Man" Blu-ray Review

Rewatched the original in preparation for the sequel opening Friday - I'll be seeing the Midnight show, so look for a review - and it still holds up nicely thanks to the good performances from everyone, though I suspect Don Cheadle will be better than the breathy-voiced Terrance Howard as Rhodey. I don't usually like - OK, I generally loathe - Gwyneth Paltrow, but she is so cute and appealing here; I'm crediting director Jon Favreau for that.

The one aspect that really doesn't hold together is Jeff Bridges' Obediah Stane character; I'm not sure why exactly he betrays Tony and goes to the dark side. He rambles about restoring the balance of power, but how does arming murderous Afghani soldiers to kill villagers help anyone? Even the basest war profiteer should have a clear motivation; Stane doesn't, and it makes for a less coherent whole.

Score: 8.5/10. It's excellent on Blu-ray with a ton of making of and historical extras, great picture and sound.


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